Creates a Natural Room Quality Inside Your Home.

Ojas-Energy for life

Would you also like to experience the quality of life like in the forest, in the mountains or by the sea at home or in the office?

Our aim is to create a natural environment for you, at home or in the office. This enables the Life-Affirming Energy to help you - your body cells to come into a state as free of stress as possible. The more your body cells are stressed and blocked, the more difficult it is for our entire being. Did you know that in every cell of the body has 50,000-70,000 electrochemical processes/per second. That is why you should try to take stress away from the body cells.

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Mein Service für Sie:

  • measuring of the apartment - office, building biology and geopathic
  • cleaning the dirty electricity
  • reduction of electrosmog
  • clean, ionise and revitalise the air in the room
  • harmonisieren von geopathische und elektromagnetischen Störfeldern
  • harmonize geopathic and electromagnetic interference fields
You have a question, we have the answer.
Mohan Bachmann