The Discovery

It all started with the revitalization of water.

A story by A.W. Dänzer

It all began in 1995 when A.W. Dänzer, the founder of the organic food company Soyana, The Secrets of Perfection-Flames, was deeply inspired to look for new ways to improve the quality and vitality of water and food. As a spiritual seeker having always lived in deep connection with Mother Nature and having searched his whole life for experiences of inner oneness, he also likes to share valuable discoveries with humanity from his heart. He is convinced that today the conscious solution of the great problems of mankind requires a new kind of holistic and preventive personal health care. He discovered and developed it in his own life and made excellent experiences with it. After 35 years of constant searching and finding, he defines it as follows:

Holistic, preventive personal health care according to A.W.Dänzer

1. daily care of the inner life (prayer, meditation, spiritual cultivation in music, reading, art, etc.)
2. daily physical exercise outdoors in the fresh air
3. stay in rooms with good life energy (during sleep, work and leisure time)
4. daily healthy food (vegetarian food from organic farming and with strong vital energy)
5. making positive contributions daily in family, community and humanity

He is convinced that holistic and preventive personal health care of this kind enables individuals to master the challenging tasks of life with excellent performance in all parts of the spiritual, mental, physical and social reality on the basis of sound and lifelong health. Such a lifestyle requires discipline and is suitable for purposeful people who are highly motivated to work personally for ideals. Anyone who wants to get involved today in order to contribute to the great challenges for the survival of mankind will find such a lifestyle very fitting. For all people who seriously want to make a positive contribution instead of complaining, this lifestyle provides an excellent basis. This is also true for all people who want to be active and very healthy, as we can see that these 5 points can best be realized when a strong and harmonious life energy permeates our food and flows through the entire territory we are in.

It became clear to A.W.Dänzer that systematic efforts were necessary to get to know strong and harmonious life energies and to discover how they can be established everywhere in the human environment.

Mankind needs flowing, pure life force.


Today we observe not only the work of forces of darkness, but also of light. Higher consciousness participates, wants to manifest itself on earth and help man to unfold his full potential, while ignorance tries to prevent it. In all fields, but especially in the field of the life force (life energy), a debate is taking place: The channels of the life energy are heavily polluted with electro-smog, earth radiation, vibrations of unhealthy materials and industrial processes etc., which makes it difficult for man to draw pure life force, which he needs for his life just as much as pure air, water and sunshine.

For his health and his holistic development it is important for man to be able to connect with the higher reality and his origin. Flowing, pure life energy should be able to reach the person. For this purpose, the blocked channels must be cleansed so that they become free for the light-filled energies of divine powers. This is exactly the function of an Ojas harmonization: it cleanses the channels and makes pure, fresh life energy flow through our environment and our body.

Joy and
fresh life energy
cannot be concealed.

It is the task of the Ojas team to establish a flow of fresh life energy at the customers' place. This enables people to live a life full of light.

How do they do that?

The Ojas team sets up a cultural service for you, which they "build into" the building, so that the matter fills with light and constantly irrigates the channels of the buildings like meridians in the body.

The Ojas harmonization does a great job of cleaning up. Afterwards light in the form of higher harmonies flows through us and our surroundings and fills the earth consciousness. We have the impression that everything becomes softer and more transparent and that everything is easier for us. Things come to us, whereas before they were blocked. We find joy in existence again. A noticeable release from the constant psychological pressure of material goods are valuable feelings, which we can certainly experience in this way. We breathe more freely. We achieve a relaxed sense of freedom and feel good.

It would be an exaggeration to claim that we as the Ojas team can perform such miracles. To be honest, we don't. We just create the conditions for this process to take place. The real effect is accomplished by the higher power of nature, the cosmic, divine harmony. It can flow in your rooms thanks to the Ojas Harmonization. Today we live in a time when a higher light wants to liberate people. In harmony with this light something extraordinary is possible. The Ojas team is happy to establish this service for you.

Of course it is also very helpful if you personally take a conscious step towards greater harmony, for example by regularly cultivating your inner life through daily exercises in the morning and evening. This can have wonderful effects. But since such things only happen voluntarily and out of inner need, we cannot prescribe this part; we can only gently point it out.

Frage: Warum redet man heute viel von schlechten Energien und Elektrosmog, die man abschirmen oder bekämpfen soll?
Antwort: Natürlich gibt es heute viele Energien, die für den Menschen ungesund und entwicklungshemmend sind. Sie stören auch unsere Gehirnwellen, das menschliche Nervensystem und damit die natürlichen Abläufe in unserem Organismus; sie schwächen die Konzentrationsfähigkeit der Kinder und vieles mehr.

Question: How can we protect ourselves? Experience shows: These forces are much stronger and greater than we are; the struggle against them has so far made them even stronger. Many methods are aimed at shielding them. But by means of a shielding, one is also separated from the positive forces and thus achieves that one is totally lacking the flowing life energy. The Ojas Harmonization goes another way, which has a much higher effect: By bringing light into matter, the darkness dissolves by itself. The basic insight is that most human, technical influences are a kind of darkness because they come from an unenlightened level of consciousness. So, like darkness in a room, you can illumine it simply by turning on the light.

We in the Ojas team have been trying to learn something important: how can we bring a lot of light into matter? With the Ojas harmonization we have received a wonderful gift that we can set up in people's rooms. Through the light the darkness disappears as if by magic, positive powers are strengthened, the life energy becomes strong and the self-healing powers become active. So the solution is to enlighten matter from within, to illuminate interference fields, not to shield them.