Energetische Gebäudesanierung

Cleans the air not only from viruses

Ojas EcoBionizer

clean woodland air

  • removes particulates
  • ionizes the air with positive-negative ions
  • revitalises the air and creates air quality similar to forests, mountains, the sea
  • lears electric smog

Ojas Electricity cleaning

clean 50Hz wave

  • clears the 50 Hz wave of interfering overtones-undershoots, thus making your ambient air calm and peaceful again.

Ojas Home Revitalisation

living energy like in nature

  • harmonizes earth-magnetic interference fields
  • harmonizes cosmic-electric interference fields
  • activates the natural life energy (Yin & Yang)

Ojas Revitalisation of Kitchen

living water like from the spring

  • revitalises the water
  • invigorates the food
  • enlivens the refrigerator

Ojas Revitalisation of Sleeping Area

harmonization of a sleeping place

  • energetic harmonization of the sleeping area
  • activates Yin & Yang
  • due to the harmonization of the electromanetic fields a lot of stress is taken away from the body cells

Car revival

harmonizes electromagnetic fields in cars

  • harmonizes the car
  • energetic revival of the passenger compartment
  • by harmonizing the electromagnetic fields the body cells are disburdened of a lot of stress

Ojas Ground Mat

removes the electric charge potential in the ambient air of your office and your sleeping area

  • disables the electric charge potential
  • removes a lot of stress
  • the body cells are thus disburdened of a lot of stress
  • helps you enjoy a restful sleep


Domus und Clearlux

Domus and Clearlux, harmonize disturbances from the energetic earth fields and the electromagnetic fields

  • harmonizes the interference fields from the Yin range
  • harmonizes the interference fields from the Yang range

Mobile phone harmonisation

Smartphones are small computers with powerful processors. Here the Ojas mobile phone chip alone acts as a damage control. We combine the Ojas mobile chip with our oil mix. This oil mix keeps the meridian system stable and makes electromagnetic fields softer for our body. It can also be used for laptops and workstations.