Raumluftreiniger Luftionisierer

Which room air do you want

Living room with and without viruses

High-end medical technology for you home

Ojas EcoBionizer Blue

Ojas EcoBionizer Gold

The Ojas EcoBionizer

brings the air quality of forests, mountains and the sea into your rooms.

Fresh, clean air to breathe deeply

  • Filtering of floating parts up to 0.1μm (1/10'000th mm)
  • Cleaning of viruses, mould, fine dust, germs and odours and VOCs, allergens and pollen
  • Bipolare Ionisierung with negative and positive ions (320'000 ions / cm3)
  • Ojas energy fills the air with life energy
  • Electric Smog-Cleaning

High-end medical technology for you home

  • The original operational area of this technology are op’s and intensive care units. There it is especially important to keep the air free from viruses and germs at the best.

  • The patented ionization of positive and negative ions is the special feature of this device. It ensures that the ultra particulates, of which viruses and germs form a part, cluster into larger units. They then either drop to the floor or are being filtered out of the air.

  • The company Periso of Switzerland is a specialist for the production of air-conditioning devices that are used in hospitals and laboratories.

  • We, the Ojas company, teamed up with the company Periso in order to develop the Ojas BioEconizer. So now everybody has the chance to enjoy clean, ionised and biologically active air inside their home, office or enterprise.

  • The Ojas EcoBionizer is made in Switzerland.

  • Not only asthmatics, pollen-allergy sufferers or patients with bronchitis can benefit from this device.

Spagyric investigation

Impact of air quality on water

Did you know that humans consist of water at a rate of 60 – 70% ?

Three experiments were carried out with three samples of the same frozen drinking water and three differently treated air qualities at room temperature:
Try 1: with normal, untreated and unpurified room air
Try 2: with cleaned and bipolar ionized air (cleaned and ionized with the EcoBionizer WITHOUT Ojas energizer)
Try 3: with purified, bipolar ionized and MIT the Ojas-energizer revitalized air (here the Ojas-EcoBionizer is used)

Try 1

How room air acts on water
There is no ionization here

Try 2

Nur mit Ionisierter-Luft

Vergleichbar wie Außenluft auf Wasser einwirkt.
(after leaving the house)
Outside air is always + / - Ionised

Try 3

Luft des Ojas-EcoBionizer

Vergleichbar mit der Luft im Wald, 
im Gebirge am Meer auf Wasser.
 Hier ist die Luft immer
+ / – Ionisiert und belebt.

Health Effects Caused By Air Pollution

Effects attributed to short-term exposure:

  • Acute symptoms (wheezing, coughing, mucus production, respiratory infections)
  • Irritation of eyes, nose and throat
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle aches and tiredness
  • Days of restricted activity
  • Missing days at work and school
  • Inflammation
  • GP consultations, hospitalization oder emergency hospitalization due to respiratory symptoms as well as cardiac and circulatory troubles

Effects attributed to long-term exposure:

  • Lung infection
  • Lung cancer
  • Chronic cardiovascular disease
  • Stroke
  • Death due to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases
  • Chronic respiratory disease - incidence and prevalence (Infections, asthma, COPD, chronic pathological changes
  • Intrauterine growth restriction(low birth weight, intrauterine growth retardation, too small for gestational age)
World Health Organization - Quantifying the effects of
air pollution on health. Report by a
WHO working group, Bilthoven, The Netherlands, 20 - 22 November 2000.
Copenhagen, WHO Regional Office for Europe, 2001

Benefits of the Ojas Bionizer

Bipolare Ionisation
Bipolare Ionisierte Luft deaktiviert Viren und Bakterien, d.h. Vieren müssen nicht mühsam gefiltert werden. Die bipolare Ionisierte Luft tötet Vieren durch die Ionen in der Luft.
The cleaning effect is based on the production of bipolar ionization. This is positive and negative ionized air, which binds potential pollutants in the air. Heavy particle clusters are formed, which either sink to the ground or are filtered out by the integrated two-stage filter system (up to 0.1 μm, super ultra fine dust). In this way, the air is freed from pollutants.
Particulate matter:
There is an increasing amount of research into the harmful health, psychological and economic effects of particulate matter. The smaller they are, the more dangerous they are for humans. The Ojas-EcoBionizer removes fine dust particles and other air pollutants highly effectively so that you and your family can breathe clean air in your indoor environment.
Allergens and pollen
The Ojas-EcoBionizer is ideal for allergy sufferers. The devices remove a wide range of allergens, including pollen, dust and pet hairs up to a size of 0.1 μm With filtered and purified air that is free of these allergenic pollutants, you can breathe more easily and sleep better.
Odours and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
Thanks to the 4-stage air treatment system of the Ojas-EcoBionizer you can significantly reduce unpleasant odours in your living environment. This includes VOCs, which are harmful emissions of chemicals from the environment. VOCs can be very dangerous to your health and well-being.
Mold, viruses and germs
Mould is a growing problem for many people indoors. The Ojas-EcoBionizer significantly reduces the amount of mould spores in the air. The true mould killer is the ionization process, which renders mould spores harmless. This process also works on exposed surfaces like tables and walls!
Regardless of the season, the Ojas-EcoBionizer cleans your air and your environment and kills free floating germs. This means that germs and viruses in the environment are reduced many times over. The burden on the organism is eliminated. The person feels comfortable.
The Ojas EcoBionizer does not produce kein ozone. It ensures a constant level of bipolar ionization. Many of today's ionizing devices also produce ozone. According to Wikipedia, ozone as a reactive gas irritates the respiratory tract in very low concentrations. In addition, the public health department of the city of Zurich warns against harmful secondary products in the indoor air caused by ozone.
Holistically healthy
The Ojas EcoBionizer filters, cleans, ionizes without ozone formation AND stimulates the air flow with Ojas energy.

Functions of Air Treatment

Two filters
The Ojas-EcoBionizer has a unique 2-component filter system with a powerful electrostatic filter and an additional activated carbon filter. Thanks to the emission of ions, the filters are able to absorb and remove solid contaminants and dust particles up to a diameter of 0.1 μm (fine dust) from the air.

The Ojas-EcoBionizer helps to break down and destroy allergens, harmful gases, bacteria and viruses in the air, effectively cleaning the air in your home or office. In addition, unpleasant odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), often caused by hazardous chemical degassing, are neutralised and replaced by fresh and invigorating ambient air.

The Ojas-EcoBionizerdeveloped in 40 years of innovation in air ionization, simultaneously produces negative and positive ions in the exact ratio that best suits a healthy, natural environment and lets you experience air as if you were out in nature. This patented Swiss technology precisely controls the ion ratio for maximum benefit to humans, animals and plants.

The key to revitalizing the environment is the Ojas-EcoBionizercore. In this core the Ojas revitalization is stored. The air that flows by is permeated by the ojas revitalization, comes into a coherent harmonic state and spreads a highly subtle energy of order everywhere - in the breath, in the lungs, in the cells.

Electric Smog
Electrically charged fine dust is an area of electrosmog. By cleaning fine dust, there is also no more electrically charged fine dust in the room. By neutralizing the VOCs, there are also no more electrochemical reactions with electrically charged fine dust. These become responsible for a large number of new allergie

Servicing the Ojas EcoBionizer Blue

Filter change Ojas EcoBionizer Blue

Filter change Ojas EcoBionizer Gold

Cleaning the carbon fiber electrodes

The producer recommends changing both filters after 6 months at the latest. However, this can vary depending on the degree of pollution. It is therefore advisable to change the electrostatic filter every 3 months if the filter is very dirty. You can get the different filter sets in our shop.

The carbon fibre electrodes should be cleaned every 2 weeks with the carbon fibre brush supplied to remove any dust particles.

Electricity Supply:

Energy Consumption:

Ionization Power:

Air Flow:






Alle Preise sind inkl. MWSt.   CH 7,7%   DE 19 %

Technische Daten

Ojas EcoBionizer Blue

220-240V/50 Hz
Ventilation min. 20 Watt (0,020 KW/hr)
Ventilation max. 25 Watt (0,025 KW/hr)
min. Ventilation ca. 250.000 Ionen/cm3
max. Ventilation ca. 320.000 Ionen/cm3
minimale Ventilation 45 m3/Std
maximale Ventilation 100 m3/Std
mit Belüftung min. ~ 29 dB (A)
mit Belüftung max. ~ 38 dB (A)
Electrostatic, activated carbon filter (replaceable)
386 x190 x 235 mm (L x B x H)
ca. 6,4 Kg
CHF 1.299,-
€ 1.250,-

Ojas EcoBionizer Gold

220-240V/50 Hz
Ventilation max. 25 Watt (0,025 KW/hr)
Ventilation max. 40 Watt (0,040 KW/hr)
min. Ventilation ca. 250.000 Ionen/cm3
max. Ventilation ca. 320.000 Ionen/cm3
minimale Ventilation 80 m3/hr
maximale Ventilation 110 m3/hr
mit Belüftung min. ~ 41 dB (A)
mit Belüftung max. ~ 45 dB (A)
Electrostatic, activated carbon filter (replaceable)
450 x 325 x 150 mm (L x B x H)
ca.9,5 kg
CHF 2.299,-
€ 2.228,-

Swiss Precision Technology

One of the things that make the Ojas EcoBionizer so special is the fact that it took three excellent Swiss companies and their technologies to come together and create it. Namely the company SOLS with Dr. K.C. Cortella for the core of the Ojas- EcoBionizer, the company Periso for the air-conditioning device and the company Soyana for the Ojas vitalisation.

Ojas energy systems are revolutionary technologies which, for over 20 years, have created the high order force of nature in water, food and environments, thus giving them a harmonious, coherent vibration. In the new production building of Soyana, the Ojas products have repeatedly proven themselves creating a unique food quality. Dr. C. K. Cortella, a pioneer member of the Ojas team at Soyana since 1996, engineered and contributed a new generation of Ojas products from within his own company Swiss Optimal Living Society (SOLS). For over 40 years Periso has been a leader and innovator in the field of air ionization systems and has registered several patents for air quality and air ionization control. The technologies from SOLS and Periso have created the perfect body for the Ojas EcoBionizer. Together with the soul of the Ojas vitalisation the Ojas EcoBionizer can now develop its holistically beneficial effect. The three partners are excited to introduce the unique Ojas EcoBionizer to the world.

High natural Police force

Bildlegende: Beispiel einer hohen Ordnungskraft eines natürlich angebauten Lebensmittels aus dem Buch Die unsichtbare Kraft in Lebensmitten, BIO und NICHTBIO im Vergleich von A.W. Dänzer, Gründer und Leiter der Firmen Soyana und Ojas. Er sagt: “Der Schöpfer wirkt in all Seinen Schöpfungen natürlicherweise mit einer sehr hohen Ordnungskraft. Wenn wir es zulassen, sie zu erkennen und zu nutzen, kommen wir in den unbeschreiblichen Genuss einer göttlichen Lebenskraft.”
Info about the book: www.bio-nichtbio.info