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Do you want clean air in all your rooms?

"Germs, viruses & moulds are reduced many times over in your environment".

The Ojas Eco-Bionizer - Brings clean air into your rooms!

Germs, viruses, bacteria and molds are reduced many times over from your environment.
Ojas invigoration fills the air with vitality and helps with asthma, pollen allergy, bronchitis and sleep disorders, among others.

Fresh, clean air for deep and free breathing through...

... filtering of suspended particles up to 0.1μm (1/10'000th mm)
... cleaning of mold, fine dust, germs and viruses, odors and VOCs, allergens and pollen.
… Patentierte bipolare Ionisierung mit sowohl negativen als auch positiven Ionen (320‘000 Ionen / cm3) und ist Ozonfrei

Positive and negative ionization deactivates corona viruses by 99%.

Air ionization occurs through a reaction of negatively and positively charged ions. The ions attach to airborne pathogens such as viruses and cause a chemical reaction on the surface of the cell membrane. This deactivates the viruses and renders them harmless so that they can no longer spread and cause infections.

Air purification instead of just air filtration. Without harmful ozone.

Der Ojas EcoBionizer ist ein Ionisierungs-Luftreinger, der auch bei flüchtigen Schadstoffen effizient ist, weil die meiste Wirkung im Raum und nicht im Filter stattfindet. Die kleinsten Schwebeteilchen verbinden sich mit einander (cluster) und fallen zu Boden. Auch die Schimmelsporen werden durch die Ionisierung verklastert und neutralisiert.

The incomparably better effect, also justifies a slightly higher price compared to a normal filter air purifier. The Ojas EcoBionizer, as the latest device of this kind, even has bipolar ionization (patented technology with negative and positive ions), and as a unique selling point, without producing the harmful ozone.

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Two filters The Ojas-EcoBionizer has a unique 2-component filter system with a powerful electrostatic filter and an additional activated carbon filter. Thanks to the emission of ions, the filters are able to absorb and remove solid contaminants and dust particles up to a diameter of 0.1 μm (fine dust) from the air.


The Ojas-EcoBionizer helps to break down and destroy allergens, harmful gases, bacteria and viruses in the air, effectively cleaning the air in your home or office. In addition, unpleasant odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), often caused by hazardous chemical degassing, are neutralised and replaced by fresh and invigorating ambient air.


The Ojas-EcoBionizerdeveloped in 40 years of innovation in air ionization, simultaneously produces negative and positive ions in the exact ratio that best suits a healthy, natural environment and lets you experience air as if you were out in nature. This patented Swiss technology precisely controls the ion ratio for maximum benefit to humans, animals and plants.


The key to revitalizing the environment is the Ojas-EcoBionizer-core. In this core the ojas-animation is stored. The passing air is permeated by the ojas animation, comes into a coherent harmonic state and spreads a high subtle ordering power everywhere - into the breath, into the lungs, into the cells.


Electric Smog
Electrically charged fine dust is an area of electrosmog. By cleaning fine dust, there is also no more electrically charged fine dust in the room. By neutralizing the VOCs, there are also no more electrochemical reactions with electrically charged fine dust. These become responsible for a large number of new allergie

What is ionization?

In nature, two atoms collide, one steals an electron from the other's outer shell. This is (Bipolar) Ionization, i.e. Positive and Negative Ions.

If an atom has one electron more, then another electron has one less. This is called ionization.

There is nothing in the whole universe what functions without electricity current. This happens about the bipolar ionization. Two atoms come close to each other, then one steals an electro from the outer shell of the other. Thus one is positively and the other negatively loaded.
Also the human being is an electrical being. Our body needs around well to function approx. 0.7 volts, this must produce it.
In former times the human being was most of the time outdoors where he inhaled bipolar ionized air and got bipolar ionized air over the skin into the body. This has helped him extremely in his power generation. It should be noted that bipolar ionized air (with positive and negative ions) exists only outdoors. In the house-flat there are mostly only positive or negative ions that depends on the building materials. In stone houses there are usually only negative ions, because the positive ions are bound by the stone. In wooden houses one has mostly only positive ions the negative ions are bound by the wood.
Also play apparently mobile phone masts here a role, the directly with the mobile phone mast there is also in the free one no ions, only if one removes itself the air gets again a certain saturation with ions.
My own measurements resulted in the following:
The ionization in the free one is very strongly dependent on the weather.
Bei me in the garden directly at the edge of the forest I measured depending upon weather situation between 350-700 positive and negative ions.
In the middle of the forest depending on the weather between 600-900 positive and negative ions measured.
In the mountains at about 1200m altitude I have measured about 1300 positive and negative ions.
At sea between 1000-1500 positive and negative ions measured, but it is a difference whether high tide or low tide.
On Bali in the rainforest have measured up to 10,000 positive and negative ions.
The Ojas EcoBionizer Blue: My living room with indegriedem office and open kitchen has about 65 m2. The Ojas EcoBionizer Blue fills after 3 hours at full power the room with about 1200 positive and negative ions.

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Without the Ojas EcoBionizer:
When the fine rod floats along the electric lines on the wall, it is charged by the electric fields and electromagnetic fields and then floats further into the room. When this electrically charged fine dust comes into contact with VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds - outgassing), so-called electro-chemical reactions can occur. These are held responsible for a large part of the new allergies.

With the Ojas EcoBionizer:
The fine dust is filtered out and the VOC's are neutralized or filtered away.
This solves this whole problem.

Bipolare Ionisation
Bipolare Ionisierte Luft deaktiviert Viren und Bakterien, d.h. Viren müssen nicht mühsam gefiltert werden. Die bipolare Ionisierte Luft tötet Vieren durch die Ionen in der Luft.
The cleaning effect is based on the production of bipolar ionization. This is positive and negative ionized air, which binds potential pollutants in the air. Heavy particle clusters are formed, which either sink to the ground or are filtered out by the integrated two-stage filter system (up to 0.1 μm, super ultra fine dust). In this way, the air is freed from pollutants.
Particulate matter:
There is an increasing amount of research into the harmful health, psychological and economic effects of particulate matter. The smaller they are, the more dangerous they are for humans. The Ojas-EcoBionizer removes fine dust particles and other air pollutants highly effectively so that you and your family can breathe clean air in your indoor environment.
Allergens and pollen
The Ojas-EcoBionizer is ideal for allergy sufferers. The devices remove a wide range of allergens, including pollen, dust and pet hairs up to a size of 0.1 μm With filtered and purified air that is free of these allergenic pollutants, you can breathe more easily and sleep better.
Odours and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
Thanks to the 4-stage air treatment system of the Ojas-EcoBionizer you can significantly reduce unpleasant odours in your living environment. This includes VOCs, which are harmful emissions of chemicals from the environment. VOCs can be very dangerous to your health and well-being.
Mold, viruses and germs
Mould is a growing problem for many people indoors. The Ojas-EcoBionizer significantly reduces the amount of mould spores in the air. The true mould killer is the ionization process, which renders mould spores harmless. This process also works on exposed surfaces like tables and walls!
Regardless of the season, the Ojas-EcoBionizer cleans your air and your environment and kills free floating germs. This means that germs and viruses in the environment are reduced many times over. The burden on the organism is eliminated. The person feels comfortable.
The Ojas EcoBionizer does not produce kein ozone. It ensures a constant level of bipolar ionization. Many of today's ionizing devices also produce ozone. According to Wikipedia, ozone as a reactive gas irritates the respiratory tract in very low concentrations. In addition, the public health department of the city of Zurich warns against harmful secondary products in the indoor air caused by ozone.
Holistically healthy
The Ojas EcoBionizer filters, cleans, ionizes without ozone formation AND stimulates the air flow with Ojas energy.

Bipolar Ionized Air deactivates viruses, bacteria, volatile organic compounds (VOC), these are combined by the ironization into particle clusters - are then too heavy and fall to the ground, i.e. viruses do not have to be filtered so laboriously from the room air. The bipolar Ionized Air kills viruses through the ions in the air. The cleaning effect is based on the production of bipolar ionization. It is positive and negative ionized air, which binds potential pollutants in the air. Heavy particle clusters are formed, which either sink to the ground or are filtered out (down to 0.1 μm, super ultra fine dust) by the integrated two-stage filter system. In this way, the air is freed from pollutants.

Due to the Ojas energy stimulator (life energy), the air is enriched with life energy during bipolar (positive and negative) ionization and blown into the room with the ions.

Bipolar ironization in the air of the room allows our body to deal more easily with, for example, mobile phone or WLAN radiation. If a room is bipolar-ironized (the Ojas EcoBionizer makes depending on the weather between 800 to 1600 + - ions in the room) with more about 300 + - ions (frequent value at the front door) the mobile phone or WLAN radiation seems to be no longer strong enough to dissolve them. This beschied even in the open air directly at the mobile phone mast. Here there are no more ions even in the open air, after about 20m the ions come again. This could be the reason why people perceive the mobile radiation in the apartment but not outdoors.

Die Größeneinheit für Feinstab ist PM (particulate matter) in µm (0,001mm)
Feinstaub besteht aus einem komplexen Gemisch fester und flüssiger Partikel und wird abhängig von deren Größe in unterschiedliche Fraktionen eingeteilt. Unterschieden werden PM10 (PM, particulate matter) mit einem maximalen Durchmesser von 10 Mikrometer (µm)= (0,010mm), PM2,5 und ultrafeine Partikel mit einem Durchmesser von weniger als 0,1 µm.


The human hair has usually 60-80µm. Particles with the size PM10 is about 6-8 times smaller than a human hair. Our body can still filter out this size. The smaller the particles the more harmful they are for our humans! Ultrafine dust PM1, fine dust of this size can no longer be filtered out by our body. It can enter directly into the blood or organs. Superultrafine dust PM0,1, fine dust of this size penetrates even the brain barrier. Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs are outgassings (bacterial or chemical conversion) from fabrics, paints, materials, building materials, etc. this is also particulate matter, these usually have a size from PM2.5 or smaller. In conjunction with electrically charged PM10, electrochemical reactions can occur, which are believed to be responsible for a variety of new allergies. The WHO says: 96% of all rooms have at least one serious air pollutant. My measurements at the customer's have shown that the fine dust load in the apartment was usually always higher than outside the window. This is related to VOCs (outgassing), which are almost non-existent outdoors. Also, the particulate matter inside the apartments is usually always smaller than outside. Whereas outside it mostly had PM10 and some PM 2.5. That is why the Ojas EcoBionizer is so important, it cleans the air to PM 0,1 (0,0001mm)







Sind Ihre Räume für Ihr Wohlbefinden optimiert?

Quelle: Journal of Exposure Analysis and Envionmental Epidemiology (2001)

Effects attributed to short-term exposure:

  • Acute symptoms (wheezing, coughing, mucus production, respiratory infections)
  • Irritation of eyes, nose and throat
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle aches and tiredness
  • Days of restricted activity
  • Missing days at work and school
  • Inflammation
  • GP consultations, hospitalization oder emergency hospitalization due to respiratory symptoms as well as cardiac and circulatory troubles

Effects attributed to long-term exposure:

  • Lung infection
  • Lung cancer
  • Chronic cardiovascular disease
  • Stroke
  • Death due to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases
  • Chronic respiratory disease - incidence and prevalence (Infections, asthma, COPD, chronic pathological changes
  • Intrauterine growth restriction(low birth weight, intrauterine growth retardation, too small for gestational age)
World Health Organization - Quantifying the impact of the
air pollution on health. Report by a
WHO working group, Bilthoven, The Netherlands, 20 - 22 November 2000.
Copenhagen, WHO Regional Office for Europe, 2001

"Sven 7 years old, has asthma. Mom I now have air in my room like on vacation at the Baltic Sea." Anna B.

"I am so excited, since the air in my apartment is ionized (plus and minus ions), I no longer feel the mobile phone mast that stands about 200m away. Super keep it up." Werner B.

...after a short time I felt a strong relief of my discomfort. Now I also bring the Ojas EcoBionizer in the evening in my bedroom and can finally sleep through. Also the fine coatings on mirrors (like a kind of smear film that could not be removed with anything) are now gone. I had never thought that the effect would be so resounding. Monika F. (self-help association for the environmentally damaged e.V.)

"Since the Ojas EcoBionizer has been in my home, I no longer have a cough. I always had a cough, even at night. It came from the particulate matter in the air here in this city. I thought I would have to move away. But now it's good and I can stay." Nicol H.

"I can sleep far better and sleep through again since the Ojas EcoBionizer has been in my bedroom. The sleep has a much better quality. My room is like an oasis. The difference from before is like night and day. I didn't believe that. You have to have experienced it." Thomas S.

"After having the Ojas-EcoBionizer in my bedroom for 3-4 weeks, I was able to sleep through the night and I am really rested in the morning. I haven't known that for years." Helene B.

"Since the Ojas EcoBionizer has been in our living room with an open kitchen, we no longer have mayflies, which I find very exciting." Katrin S.

"I am a wine lover, when I saw this test report with "fine-material effect" of the Ojas-EcoBionizer, I put a bottle of wine in front of the Bionizer for about 5 min. I am fascinated how the taste and the flower of the wine changes." Joe W.

The key to the air revitalization of the environment is the Ojas-EcoBionizer Activator. In this core the Ojas activation is stored. The passing air is permeated by the Ojas activation, comes into a coherent harmonic state and spreads a high subtle ordering power everywhere - into the breath, into the lungs, into the cells.








Ojas EcoBionizer Blue
Power supply: 220-240V/50 Hz
Verbrauch:                      Ventilation min. 20 Watt (0,020 KW/Std)
                                          Ventilation max. 25 Watt (0,025 KW/hr)
Ionisationsart Bipolar: min. Ventilation ca. 250.000 Ionen/cm3
                                          max. Ventilation ca. 320.000 Ionen/cm3
Luftstrom:                       minimale Ventilation 45 m3/Std
                                          maximale Ventilation 55 m3/hr
                                          Raumgrösse bis ca. 100m2
Geräuschpegel:              mit Belüftung min. ~ 29 dB (A)
                                          mit Belüftung max. ~ 38 dB (A)
Filter:                                Elektrostatisch und Aktivkohlefilter (austauschbar)
Abmessungen:               386 x190 x 235 mm (L x B x H)
Gewicht:                          6,4 Kg
Preis incl. 19% MwSt.  € 1.250,-






Ojas EcoBionizer Gold

Power supply: 220-240V/50 Hz
Verbrauch:                      Ventilation min. 25 Watt (0,020 KW/Std)
                                          Ventilation max. 40 Watt (0,025 KW/Std)
Ionisationsart Bipolar: min. Ventilation ca. 250.000 Ionen/cm3
                                          max. Ventilation ca. 320.000 Ionen/cm3
Luftstrom:                       minimale Ventilation 60 m3/Std
                                          maximale Ventilation 180 m3/Std
                                          Raumgrösse bis ca. 180m2
Geräuschpegel:              mit Belüftung min. ~ 41 dB (A)
                                          mit Belüftung max. ~ 45 dB (A)
Filter:                                Elektrostatisch und Aktivkohlefilter (austauschbar)
Abmessungen:               386 x190 x 235 mm (L x B x H)
Gewicht:                          9,5 Kg
Preis incl. 19% MwSt.  € 2.228,-