Ojas Küchenset

is a water revitalizer and food vitalizer

The Ojas kitchen set has two functions.

1. Water Vitalization

2. Vitalisation of food

Here we use the Ojas Acti C200 and the Ojas W&H mini.

In the meantime, as we are affected by a variety of interference fields, we have decided to create a kitchen set to really ensure that the water revitalization works everywhere.

Normal tap water in Schlieren near Zürich.

Ojas energized tap water in Schlieren near Zürich. The water comes from the water pipes at the SOYANA company.

Source: lifevisionlab.ch

The installation is very simple and can be done by anyone.

Fangen wir mit dem Ojas W+H mini an.
The Ojas W+H mini is simply placed directly on the corner valve or directly on the pipe to the tap. Just place the Ojas W+H mini freely on top and do not fix it with cable ties, wire etc.
You can simply place Ojas W+H mini on the tap.

The Ojas Acti C200 should not be placed 3-4m further from the Ojas W+H mini.
Aber natürlich kann der Ojas Akti C200 auf die Arbeitsplatte gelegt werde verschieden Produkte zu beleben.

Vitalization and energetic purification
Place a plate or bowl on top of the Ojas Acti 200 and put anything you wish to enliven or energetically cleanse on the plate or bowl, such as a glass of water, fruit, jewellery, etc.


Preis für das Set: € 400,-

incl. 19% MwSt