What is electro smog

Electric Smog or E-Smog is a colloquial term for the daily exposure of humans and the environment to technically generated (artificial) electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields, some of which are believed to have (undesirable) biological effects.

The compatibility of verifiable immissions of electromagnetic fields for the environment, in particular the health compatibility and reasonableness for humans, are designated by the term electromagnetic environmental compatibility (EMCE). People who state that they experience such effects are considered electrosensitive. The permissible limits for this are regulated in the context of electromagnetic environmental compatibility in various directives, standards and laws.

Elektrosmog, ist ein Sammelbegriff, wie Gewürze. Unter Gewürze fallen z.B. Salz ,Peffer, Paprika… Das gleiche haben wir beim Elektrosmog. Hier haben wir z.B.  elektromagnetische Felder, elektrisches Feld, elektrische Spannung in der Luft und noch viel mehr.