Geopathic Pollution

Geopathic Pollution

Geopathic stress is understood to be all radiation and vibrations coming from the earth, so-called earth rays, which can lead to various illnesses if they have a longer influence in the organism, depending on the disposition. These are not new and artificial radiations, but completely natural energies. Earth radiation is everywhere. Geological disturbances are zones of changed earth radiation and the consequences of e.g. underground flowing water, the so-called water veins or other geological conspicuous features, such as faults, crevices or fractures.

Movements in the earth's crust cause friction and tension. As a result, fractures, cracks, fissures as well as up- and downthrows, which are called faults, form within the rock layers. As far as clefts are concerned, these can also carry water and have a similar pathogenic effect as water veins. In addition, increased radioactive radiation and the escape of the gas radon may be present.

The influence of earth radiation on the biological system:
The organism's reaction to radiation probably consists in a disturbance of the control of natural life processes. The functional mechanisms in the ordered biological system are disturbed by electrical impulses right down to each individual cell. As a rule, the pathogenic effect of earth radiation initially manifests itself as a functional disturbance. As soon as this can no longer be compensated by the body's own regulatory system, complaints or damage occurs. These, in turn, can be temporary or disappear when the stimulus is no longer effective; but also, despite the absence of the stimulus, can persist or even worsen. Long-term effects can even lead to chronic diseases. "Of course, this depends on various factors, such as the type of radiation, its intensity, the time spent in the irritated area and the constitution of the person affected.

What are the symptoms of geopathic and electrical stress?
In order to be able to identify possible stress in advance, the following list of questions has proven to be useful for the patient's medical history, which can be ticked off point by point. The first symptoms that may indicate stress due to geopathic and electrical stress are:
Nervousness, agitation, irritability and aggressiveness. Signs of irritation zones in the sleeping area may be:
• reluctance to go to bed
• not being able to fall asleep for hours, insomnia
• restless sleep and anxious dreams
• night sweat
• dodge in bed, fall out of bed
• escape from bed, sleepwalk
• freezing in bed, gnashing your teeth
• nocturnal cramps
• palpitations in bed
• tiredness and exhaustion in the morning

Signs of irritated zones at the workplace may be
• Discomfort and disorientation
• lack of concentration and weakness of memory
• headaches, nervousness
• Lack of energy and rapid loss of power
• moodiness and depression
• Heart palpitations and sweating
• Unwillingness to work and dislike of the workplace
• Loss of appetite and discomfort
• increased infection susceptibility
• increased accident risk
For longer and strong influences by irritant zones and interference fields i.e. if the sleeping and working place (with children also the school place) is located in this area, it can lead to various diseases such as: Exhaustion and tiredness, asthma, anxiety, bladder problems, blood diseases, intestinal diseases, depression, glandular complaints, diabetes mellitus, developmental disorders, inflammations, miscarriages, fever, biliary and gout problems, tissue decomposition, heart diseases, skin diseases, sciatica, headaches, lack of concentration, Cancer, paralysis, lung diseases, reduced performance, anorexia, menstrual disorders, migraine, nerve and kidney diseases, period disorders, rheumatism, back problems, thyroid gland diseases, motor and consciousness disorders, thromboses, infertility, abdominal diseases, dental diseases, etc. u.u.....This list, which can be extended at will, makes it clear that exposure to earth radiation and electrosmog should not be underestimated and can be the cause of a variety of diseases. Therefore, at each initial consultation the patient should be checked for this exposure, especially in the case of therapy-resistant diseases.

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