High-end medical technology for you home

  • The original operational area of this technology are op’s and intensive care units. There it is especially important to keep the air free from viruses and germs at the best.

  • The patented ionization of positive and negative ions is the special feature of this device. It ensures that the ultra particulates, of which viruses and germs form a part, cluster into larger units. They then either drop to the floor or are being filtered out of the air.

  • The company Periso of Switzerland is a specialist for the production of air-conditioning devices that are used in hospitals and laboratories.

  • We, the Ojas company, teamed up with the company Periso in order to develop the Ojas BioEconizer. So now everybody has the chance to enjoy clean, ionised and biologically active air inside their home, office or enterprise.

  • The Ojas EcoBionizer is made in Switzerland.

  • Not only asthmatics, pollen-allergy sufferers or patients with bronchitis can benefit from this device.